RTU Result Process

Hello Students,

This blog helps you to find out a easy process to get your RTU result. If you are still not able to use

RJ Live properly to get result, you are at right place.

On RJ Live you will get interactive and useful features some of them are listed below.

  • Result by just Rollno.
  • Open Result System
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Quick Access to Old Results
  • Results on Email
  • Preregistration for upcoming results 

How to Get RTU Result from RJ Live :

Please follow simple steps:

  1. Go to https://www.rjlive.in/RTU/Results
  2. Select your exam name (eg. B.Tech I Sem Main 2018). It will redirect to Result Server where you need to insert your rollno and email.
  3. Type your Rollno and Email. Both are required fields. Email is used to send your result on email. Click on Result button. Bingooooo !!! You will get your result on screen as well as via email.

Note: If we don't have your sufficient data, you need to insert your full name, Mother's full Name (here full name refers to name which you filled in examination form) manually.