No More Email Required to get Results

Hello Guys,

As you know few days back we ran a survey to get suggestion or any feedback and got to know that you guys want to get rid of inserting email on result page.

We are glad to inform you that soon you will get your result without entering email address. For now email is mandatory to see any result.  so we are here with a simple solution.

After this functionality you will get optional checkbox if you want to get your result on email also.

For your convenience by default this will uncheck so you can get result without inserting email.

Check out how this working.

Simply insert your rollno and click on Get Result button that's it.

If you are still interested to get your result on email for future, yes you can still get it. Below image will explain you everything. 


Hope this will help you guys a lot.

We're listening you, like always...

For more suggestion feel free to share. Just do comment right here or email us on [email protected]


RJ Live Team