Solution for Security Code does not matched RTU Result Error

Security Code does not matched RTU Result Error :

Many times student faces this problem when they try to see their result on RTU esuvidha website. Here we are explaining you what is exact problem when "security code does not matched" appears.

Remember : this error appears only if your result is not found with your entered details.


Reasons :

  1. Wrong Exam Selection : Please check exam name that you selected for result. For example You selected B.Tech V sem (Main) Exam but you supposed to see your result in B.Tech V sem (Back) exam
  2. Filled Wrong Details : May be you filled wrong details like your mother's name. Or you didn't enter full name. For Example : Your name abc kumar and you just entered abc for result.
  3. Must Match your details with Exam Form details : Most of the time rtu uses your exam form details while showing results and students did spelling mistake while filling exam form.
  4. Your result may not prepared or Bared : May be rtu didn't upload your result.


How to get rid of this/ Solution :

  1. Try RJ Live :  You should try RJ Live RTU results system.
  2. Please try to correct your details.
  3. Remember your exam form details should be correct.
  4. Sometime selecting wrong exam name works. For Example : If you want to see your REBACK Result but getting this error. So try with Back result, may be this works.
  5. Please contact your college.
  6. If nothing works well for you, please write email to us on [email protected], if possible we will revert you with your result.

Any Query ?

If you have any query then please write here, our team will response as soon as possible.